The Nighttime Cleansing Routine for a Squeaky Clean Face


Nighttime is the best time to clean our face, because it is during our slumber that our body rests and rejuvenate. This is especially for the skin due to it being exposed to harmful UV rays, the polluted air, and even our makeup. So it is always best to go to bed with a clean face.once-you-read-this-article-you-will-never-remove-makeup-using-wet-tissues

1) Always remember to remove makeup!
Wearing makeup causes our pores to be filled with oil, dirt, and air pollutants, which will eventually lead to more breakouts. Also, not cleaning the face will not enable the skin to fully rejuvenate which can cause tired skin, fine lines, and even wrinkles.

There are plenty ways to remove makeup like, makeup removing wipes, cleansing oils, and some people even resort to more natural ways which is to use coconut oil, or olive oil. It just melts away the makeup. So no more excuses!timthumb

2) Cleanse the face
After thoroughly removing all the makeup on the face, be sure to follow up with a good cleanser. This is because there are still traces of makeup in the pores. My personal favourite is the Clarisonic MIA 2. This tool gives your face a good clean scrub minus the beads you would normally get in a facial scrub. Your face just feels so fresh, clean, and just tingly all over.Uneven-Skin-Tone

3) Tone the face
Many people tend to ignore this step because they do not realize the importance of toner. But toner is actually an important part in ensuring a clean and healthy face. It shrinks your pores, it refreshes the skin, and it even cleans those hard to reach places that the cleanser did not do. Always use an alcohol-free toner because the alcohol will dry out your skin and do more damage than good. If you don’t feel like doing the whole routine of putting toner on cotton ball or pad, you can always opt for a spray on toner!moisteriser

4) Moisturise
After a good scrubbing, and cleaning, it is time for some loving. Never neglect the benefits of moisturiser. A good moisturiser makes your skin feel soft, subtle, and smooth. If you want more results, try on some serums for size. They are more concentrated, packed with more nutrients, and really good for the skin. Then continue with a good moisturiser to really seal the serum into your skin, and your skin will be absolutely glowing in the morning!

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