The Secret Delight of Visiting Malaysia


Visiting Southeast Asia is a dream to many people across the globe. Like many great places, Malaysia often gets overlooked as a travel destination and that is too bad. This is one of the most under appreciated vacation destinations in the world. It is a country and region rich in both historic culture and natural beauty that will continue to surprise you the more you venture into it. There are many reasons to add Malaysia as a vacation destination that will create valuable experiences and memories to last a lifetime.


Food Will Capture You
One of the best things about travel is the opportunity to expose your pallet to new fare and delicious tastes from new parts of the world. In Malaysia, there are some great restaurants all influenced by the countries ethic contributors, Indian, Chinese and Malay. Each group is significantly represented in the offerings of Sabah Cuisine. There is a veritable smorgasbord available to the traveller in this city. Tourists are able to expand on their food experience and also find great foods that they are most comfortable with. One of the best parts of vacationing is getting away from what you usually eat and in Malaysia they specialize in this.


Island Life is for You
One of the attractions in Malaysia that many people are not aware of is the plethora of islands littered generously all along the coastline. These provide the opportunity to visit just the type of tropical paradise that interests you. Some are going to be more populated and commercialized than others but there is something for everyone. These are islands with dense forests, thick jungles and natural wildlife that can only be seen in Malaysia. All of the picturesque locations along the coast are a tourist’s paradise and provide all things from natural wonders to shopping chances.


Cultural Variety
There are few places in the world that provide the cultural diversity that Malaysia provides visitors. This is a fact that comes clear as you move around through the crowded cities or travel in a more rural location visiting culturally significant Taoist pagodas. All of the cultures of this country are represented in all aspects of the culture and they are all melded together in different locations that allow for a different experience each day. You can visit a restaurant in Kota Kinabalu that serves delicious Chinese food one day and then one the next that serves the best Indian food you have ever tasted. It is a unique and powerful place full of cultural discoveries.

Making your vacation plans to visit Malaysia then you will find one of the most interesting and unique vacation spots in the world. There are tremendous beautiful, natural locations there as well as ancient history to explore and all of the aspects of three unique and powerful cultures that will lead to self-discovery and personal growth. There are unique island getaways that provide an intimate knowledge of the rare wildlife living in the land, as well as wonderful urban areas that give you a taste of Asian culture.


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