The Value of Corrugated Boxes


The things that we rely on the most are often taken for granted. Not because they don’t provide value but because they do their jobs so well that we don’t notice them until they are no longer there. That is the fate of corrugated boxes which provide lightweight, strong, sustainable storage for many different types of materials. Corrugated is the preferred packing material for many different industries and its performance has been extremely high because it can be altered to provide the perfect delivery system for almost anything. The components of corrugated material are continually undergoing upgrades as research presents new uses for the corrugated box providing consumers with a better price and a higher performance. Here are some of the great features of corrugated boxes you may not be aware of.


Works for Most Occasions

Corrugated material includes many thousands of different board type combinations. This includes the different sizes of the flutes or callipers, the weight, and the way the box is treated with a coating. That could be static control or even flame resistant material. The material can be cut into many different sizes to accommodate any project. It also can hold any printed graphic, silk screening or lithography. Its versatility allows a corrugated box supplier to be able to assist most companies on nearly all projects. Getting all materials packed and shipped safely and easily. The versatility of corrugated materials is virtually as unlimited as your imagination.

Keeps Product Safe

Unlike an ordinary box, corrugated material provides significant protection to whatever is placed inside because it is provides both rigid protection and soft cushioning inside its contents. Fragile and heavy contents are protected from any sort of harm. This is important in a world where there is little control over the treatment of your box during the shipping process. The material provides a circulation as well which makes corrugated material desirable for shipping liquids and fresh foods. Some companies even use this material for packaging of hazardous materials because it provides such a consistent package that serves as a great ventilated moisture barrier. It does all this remaining at a low cost and doesn’t add a lot of extra weight to the final package.


Great Advertising Opportunity

Everywhere they are shipped a corrugated container will proudly display any advertising message deemed appropriate. The displays that can be created are as eye catching as any billboard and are seen by a lot more people. The graphics can be applied easily and at a low cost making corrugated containers one of the most efficient methods for advertising that there is. Virtually any type of printing will be supported from simple factory applied graphics to a higher end specialty message. The corrugated material is one of the best advertising opportunities available for all businesses and it is under used.

Great for the Bottom Line

In business the more efficient a company can be the more profit they can make. Corrugated containers are one of the most cost efficient ever created. The boxes provide all the protection necessary but cost a fraction of the value of the items within. They are inexpensive to ship because of their relative low weight and they can be custom designed quickly and efficiently which means that cost is lower as well. Corrugated containers provide an all in one storage, shipping and advertising device that simply can’t be duplicated by anything else. This is great for the bottom line of a business and an increase in profits.

It is evident that making the choice to use corrugated containers to ship your products makes the most sense from a functional and financial standpoint. Corrugated material will provide a safe shipping container that can provide an advertising method. There are all great reasons to use a corrugated container in your business to increase efficiency and result in higher profits for your business.


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