The Way To Go – 5 Advantages of Enrollling in a School with British Learning Curriculum

The different international schools in Malaysia are known to offer first-rate education which gives them the prestige. If you are aspiring to enroll your children in an international school, you should be able to identify which one can best equip them with the qualifications necessary to pursue higher education anywhere. However, from among the available choices, choosing a school with British Learning Curriculum is the way to go. Here are the top 5 advantages:


  1. There is a visibly vibrant curriculum to chart a student’s progress in every stage of academic development. The level from 2-5 years old is the foundation building phase; followed by the primary level at ages 5-11; and the secondary education level for ages 11-18. The students are certified and given an A-level qualification after completion.
  1. There is a standard learning structure. While the approach may differ for each country, the overall structure is retained. A fine example is that of a British international school in Malaysia, that has effectively incorporated the system in the country’s educational setting without altering its international perspective.


  1. There is a comprehensive and well-adjusted curriculum designed to motivate students to aim for academic brilliance. It is to enhance their self-determining and intellectual skills. They will become well-rounded individuals with qualities to meet the challenges ahead.
  1. There is focus early on to engage students in meaningful activities. As they move up, the lessons become organized with the fundamental subjects like English, Math and Science taking the forefront. The atmosphere is not limited to the classroom setting, but also the development of the student’s natural skill and talent in sports, music, and the arts.


  1. There is a highly-qualified, well-trained and competent group of teaching personnel and staff assigned at every level (foundation, primary and secondary). The group is supervised by a seasoned Principal or Head Teacher, who has the credentials and extensive experience to manage the day-to-day affairs of the school.


The final factor in choosing a school is indeed a personal matter. The school with a British learning curriculum is the logical choice, if you are investing in education to secure the future of your children. The investment you make should be worth every penny. The rewards, that will come later on, far exceed the value of investment you make today.

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