Top 5 Beauty Treatments in Malaysia

Beauty is certainly more than skin deep. Today’s modern times require people to pay more attention to how they look and how they present themselves. There is pressure from society to stay trim, young-looking, and well put-together.

Aesthetic centers and cosmetic clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have come up with different beauty treatments to address different problems.

Here are some beauty treatments and what they do:


  1. Regenerate your skin cells.

Your skin cells need to regenerate to replace the old, dying ones. Exposure to too much sunlight and stress can cause darkening around the eyes and other skin problems. One of the well-known beauty treatments is Venuz Freeze which uses pulsed electro-magnetic field with multi-polar radio frequencies that help cell regeneration. Regular treatments promise significant improvement on your skin.


  1. Exfoliate your skin.

Travelling or walking around often exposes your skin to harmful dirt that may cause a lot of skin irritation. This is where skin exfoliation comes into play. Skin exfoliation cleanses the skin from dirt, blackheads, and white heads. It polishes skin, lifts the epidermis, and prevents wrinkling. It also provides a moisturizing effect that improves skin health. One of the most popular treatments for this is called Diamond Peel.


  1. Remove excessive fat.

Excessive fat usually bothers the majority of women. Since it takes much effort and time to lose them, new technologies for removing excess fat have been developed. Mesolipo is one of them. This procedure uses injections that melt fats in desired areas. It is safer as it is less invasive compared to liposuction. It also uses organic and natural soybean lecithin and enzymes.


  1. Keep your skin tight.

Aging can cause so much stress on one’s skin. Sagging and wrinkling are difficult to reverse using creams and serums. If you’re concerned about how your skin looks but don’t want to go under the knife, you can try a new procedure called Ulthera treatment. This treatment is less invasive and does not take a lot of time to heal. You can still go to work and get on with your daily routine. According to reviews, people who have undergone this treatment did not experience swelling or bruising.

beauty concept skin aging. anti-aging procedures, rejuvenation, lifting, tightening of facial skin, restoration of youthful skin anti-wrinkle

  1. Rejuvenate and lift your skin.

As women age, hormonal changes weaken and affect the skin’s density. Lift Replenisher is a new treatment that smoothes out wrinkles, redefines facial contours and reduces skin wrinkles and dark spots.

Skin care and aesthetic treatments in Malaysia cater to both men and women. Aside from skin care and weight loss, they also address issues on hair loss, warts and skin tag removal as well as erasing old tattoos. Always consult a licensed professional aesthetic doctor in Malaysia for these skin and body treatments.

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