Top 5 Bike Gadgets To Rock Your Ride Like A Boss!

Around summer in Malaysia, it’s when you’d expect to find lots of bike enthusiasts gearing up for long rides with a bunch of cycling buddies. At this particular time, hunting for a cool cycling gear can be very essential, as most bike accessories can more likely make your cycling experience become more convenient, safe, and very comfortable than you can imagine. Following is a detailed list of the best bike accessories all cyclists should be hunting for all the time, to make their cycling pursuits become more appealing and fun all the time.


1)            Heart rate monitor. If you’re trying to keep track of your heart rate every time you’re riding, a heart rate monitor is an invaluable tool because it offers consistent readings of your heart impulse rate while on-the-go. This device also gives you very detail-specific data in real-time about any body calories burned, to make sure you’re charging in the proper increments. Heart rate monitors come in a wide range of colour combinations, so that you can easily pick the one that appeals to you most.


2)          Reflective Vest. This may not be much of a novelty in the cycling world, but this cycling apparel is quite convenient for all bike enthusiasts, in that many of these vests are easily visible from a long distance of about 200 meters away. This means at night when riding on tarmac, you can expect to have a smooth ride with no worry of any accidents because other motorists can see you clearly. Also many vests usually come with a pair of reflective armbands to ensure maximum visibility all the time.

3)            Multi-tool Kit. Every time you’re arranging to set for a long ride, make sure you have at least a multi-tool kit nearby all the time. You may never know when the likelihood of a repair can occur. Sometimes, you may need to replace or fasten a loose nut on your bike. Most multi-tool kits come in a wide range of tools and an easy storage area. So anytime you’d ever need to adjust your bike’s chain or pedals, this tool kit will come in handy all the time.


4)            Freestanding Bike Stand. When you are not riding your bike, you’d need to park it somewhere, right? This is quite a great option for bike renters who find it difficult to equip a stable bike rack into their apartment wall. Luckily, freestanding bike stands are quite easy to put together, and many of them are backed up with a lifetime warranty. Most racks are quite leveled to the ground, which makes many people calm and enjoy some peace of mind. The bike stand also has another much smaller footprint, which makes it quite convenient for people living in crowded houses.

5)            Head Helmet. And lastly, head helmets make it easy for you to protect your head from potential damage while on the road. And most helmets come in a wide range of bold colours and sizes to fit anyone’s head and style altogether.


Above all else, bike enthusiasts everywhere know that there’s way more to a person’s bike than just having an ordinary bike. In fact, now is the high time everybody should consider adding some more cutting-edge accessories to start their ride in high gear. Whether you’re looking for heart rate monitors, reflective vests, bike stands and other top-notch bike stuff, this handy guide has got all the best and most convenient accessories for road bikes you need to make your cycling experience a smooth one and fun all the time.

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