Understanding Male enhancement through Penis enlargement Injections


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The size of the penis is an issue of great concern to men all over the world. There are various methods used in augmentation of the organ, all with the aim of increasing its width, length or even how rigid it is when erect. The most prominent procedure is the use of the penis enlargement injections. These jabs often contain either methacrylate or hyaluronic acid gel. Despite the presence of various techniques that can be used to augment penile size, doyens in the field are yet to unanimously agree on the safest method.

0CFCECA3000005DC-3078949-image-m-12_1431516565467Male Enhancement through Injections

As earlier indicated, injections are the most common method of non-surgical penile augmentation. Surveys point out that this method is also on a steady growth. This is because those suffering from the dysfunction can inject themselves from home without requiring the services of a specialist. In addition, most of these doses are cheaply available in pharmacies and even in the black market.

Day-dreaming-about-drugs-penile-injection1Dangers involved

There are many companies which manufacture methacrylate and hyaluronic acid gel, which are the main components of the injections. They are often named differently by the manufacturers. Only qualified physicians can have knowledge about the right dosage to be used. Administering the jabs without any medical experience puts those using it at risk of the whole organ losing functionality. There have also been cases of severe hypersensitivity after self-injection of the substance and therefore, specialist advice ought to be sought first.

There is also a risk of buying low quality enhancement substances. Most of the legit products found in pharmacies are expensive hence not affordable to a majority of men who want to carry out the procedure. Manufacturers of the substances may be subjected to by-laws by relevant authorities but prototypes might still find their way into the black market. Here they could be sold cheaper than in pharmacies. Such injections are often substandard and can cause unforeseen harm such as the growth of cancerous cells.

The risk of fatal allergic reactions also exists when using some of the enhancement jabs. The penis contains soft tissues. Increasing the thickness, length or stiffness of the penis means filling up these soft tissues. It is always believed that these tissues are nontoxic and non-injectable. This characteristic means any extraneous substances in the tissues such as chemicals can trigger tissue inflammation. Furthermore, the lack of consensus by specialists on the best intervention means a dark cloud still hangs on the whole procedure.

davinci-clinic-coverAesthetic Clinic in Malaysia

Many medical centres in the country are now offering an assortment of invasive and non-invasive aesthetic processes. This is done with the aim of improving the appearance of a person or even his/her body organs. Most of the clinics have state-of-the-art equipment. Male enhancement through the use of penis enlargement injections is also offered is some of the aesthetic clinics in Malaysia.

To operate such a facility in the country, one needs to be authorized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. They must also be approved by the Centre of Excellence for Cosmetic Surgery. The practitioners must also be licensed to practice by the relevant bodies.


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