Where to Find Halal Restaurants in Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic multi-confessional state with a Muslim majority. Muslims make 61% of the population. Halal restaurants though in theory widespread are difficult to get here in Malaysia. Halal food is food that does not contain alcohol, pork, blood, unclean animals and animals slaughtered without a prayer. It has become tough for any Muslim adherent to determine with certainty that the food they consume is compliant.

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In a country like Malaysia, the readily available halal foods in most cases don’t meet the standards. It is especially so if the food is prepared and sold by non-Muslims.Halal is not just about the ingredients; it depends on who prepared the food, how it was stored and the utensils used. We are your help in Halal compliant products in Malaysia and you can visit this Halal portal online for any enquiries.

Some quick way of finding halal products


  • as a rule of the thumb when looking for a Halal restaurant, look for neighborhoods with large Muslim Populations.
  • The easiest way is to look for HALAL CERTIFICATE. It should be on display quite quickly. It should be pointed out that it’s quite difficult to get a Halal certificate in Malaysia. To get the Certificate, you need to hire a minimum number of Muslim staff and to offer pork min your premises. Most big hotels don’t adhere to these stringent rules hence are not Halal.
  • Look at the majority of customers in the restaurants. Do they look Muslim? Are the women in headscarves? If they are, then it conforms to the Islamic laws.
  • The majority of chain fast food restaurants serve Halal food. It also includes food outlets in many Malls and major establishments
  • Avoid street food establishment. You can never be sure.
  • Avoid establishments that are written Halal free or pork free. They should provide more than just writings on the wall.

In fact in many parts of Malaysia, you will find niche foods that are compliant with Islamic laws. Today Chinese restaurants are specializing in Halal.You will find Malay Halal cuisine too.In KL, the best Halal restaurants are to be found in Bangsar.You can assess it using public means. There are also online sites that sell food online.


Our five best Halal restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are:

  • Melur & Thyme Restaurant


  • Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju


  • Arabesque


  • The Ganga Café

Ganga Café

  • Straits food company

Straits food company

Five best Chinese Halal restaurants:

  • Restoran Mohammad Chow

Restoran Mohammad Chow

  • Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant

Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant

  • Haji Sharin Low Grand Restaurant

Haji Sharin Low Grand Restaurant

  • Restoran Haslinda Sim Abdullah

Restoran Haslinda Sim Abdullah

  • Restoran Bei Ping

Restoran Bei Ping

You can enjoy excellent foods at competitive prices by doing your homework. As a Muslim, it is your religious duty to be compliant to Sharia. You should do your due diligence before buying food for you and your family. Always visit this Halal portal online for all your issues on Muslim delicacies. We can only grow our Faith by following the Prophets teachings.


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